Nobody wants an expensive and lengthy court case. Mediation seeks to avoid court action by working with the parties (and if appropriate, their legal advisers) to try and achieve a solution to their problems, which is mutually satisfactory. It allows you to negotiate your own decisions. Any settlement reached is confidential to the parties, and unlike court, is not made public.

The advantages of mediation are that it is far cheaper than going to court, often much quicker (generally lasting no longer than a day) and issues can be resolved on an amicable basis, which are enforceable, by way of a binding agreement. The process is "without prejudice" which means it cannot later be referred to in court proceedings.

We have an experienced Mediator who can conduct both Family and Civil Mediations. She is also experienced in conducting probate disputes. Our Mediator is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi and can conduct mediations in these languages if required. Fixed fees are available and there is no VAT to pay.

Family Mediation

We can assist you with any Family Mediation. This includes helping you to resolve issues relating to the breakdown of a relationship whether it is a divorce, co-habitation or a civil partnership. We can help you with matters relating to children, property and finance claims. Such issues can include who the children live with, who they see and how often, where you should all live, holidays, what happens to your home and any assets you have, who should pay the debts, pensions, maintenance and many other family related issues.

Please contact us direct on 0121 551 7866 to discuss your case in more detail.

Fixed fees are available where appropriate and there is no VAT to pay.